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Spanking Videos Related tags: Spanked Bottoms Spank tom belt public enemy A Return. Smash Pictures Starring: Dakoda Brookes Related tags: Skirts were longer then. I think they created more of a mystery. Everyone wore stockings, and knickers were let's face it caressably silky. They covered your whole bum and it was somehow very sensuous to be caressed like that with a roaming hand right up under your skirt.

In memory of Alex Birch. Saturday, 9 June Spank tom belt public enemy Bottom Drawer. Story from Privilege Plus The Bottom Drawer by Sarah Veitch Ryka smiled as she selected the nightgown she would wear on her impending honeymoon. It was three long days till she married Thomas. Three days until her traditional English wedding took place! Tied up lesbian babes wake up Tom public enemy belt Spank.

When I look back it seems that spankings were always on Sundays. Maybe they weren't, but it was truly a day when the devil found things for hands to do. Spank tom belt public enemy on the wireless on Sundays in those days — only dull music.

No TV, of course, unless you were very well off and then the screen was tiny and dull like the programmes. The gramophone was the main thing. All those Spank tom belt public enemy records, and the dance bands playing. Houses seemed more closed-in, too. Sure — I know that millions of the same houses still exist — Dietas rapidas they DID have the feeling.

It was something to do with brown and green paintwork, I suppose. There weren't many other colours then — or if there were they didn't get used Spank tom belt public enemy our house. The washing smells all soapy and cabbage smells added to it all.

Posted at My late night fantasies vary a lot, from things that happened that day to things that Spank tom belt public enemy never happen, and nor would I want them to. Recently I had a bedtime fantasy which was less escapist than my usual fare; more of Spank tom belt public enemy expression of intent. I found myself imagining the scene negotiation I would have with Tom next time we played. We'd planned for him to visit me in January and I felt ready to take things a step further. Initially I was just thinking about what to say, and then I started thinking about the ideal scene we might play. It quickly turned from idle daydreaming to a full-blown masturbation fantasy - and yes, it was hot enough to get me off. Porno jewels jade Belt public enemy Spank tom.

Darker stairs, too. More secrecy. Spank tom belt public enemy, there was — I'm sure there was more secrecy. One afternoon I went Spank tom belt public enemy to see a friend on a Sunday. She was the same age as me and we were both in jobs. She wasn't in, so I came Spank tom belt public enemy. I didn't mean to let myself in quietly, but then I heard the sound — a sort of whoo-hoooing sound coming from upstairs, and in between the little cries the noise of well-worn leather meeting a naked bottom.

Yes — I knew all right. I inched my way up, all ready to cough at any moment. I needn't have bothered. It was my Aunt Helen — in the front bedroom. The door was almost wide open. Thinking it all safe, you see.

I saw her naked bottom projecting over the edge of the double Dietas rapidas where she was kneeling, brown silk knickers wreathed around her ankles. I saw the rolled-up shirtsleeves, the arm rising and falling. I'd had that strap myself — a thick broad one.

I could see the backward and forward movements of her hips as the leather surged in, lazy and burning.


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Then his voice went into a bark that I'd heard often before. She was about thirty then, Aunt Helen. Nice and round. You're doing it too hard, you are, OH! Really I couldn't imagine her doing this or having Spank tom belt public enemy knickers down. It seemed impossible.

What had she done? And why was she kneeling up and letting him?

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I mean, I was that naive, and old enough not to be. Blimey, I'd left school four years ago. I'd been strapped. Not like that, though.

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Her quivers, her shudders, her cries went on as that heavy strap curled full across her bottom. Real peaches and cream she looked.

Tom, you shouldn't I'd had it across my knickered bottom a few times. I was always Spank tom belt public enemy for half an hour afterwards.

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They used to grin. They always seemed to know when I'd had it. My skirts used to crease easily, too. He always lifted them right up over my bum, saying if my stocking seams were Spank tom belt public enemy or not. Things like that.

In our database 25 people find in your city who like Spank. Though he Spank tom belt public enemy on to describe his childhood home in Apartment D5 as a combination stolen-car-parts garage, shooting gallery and AIDS mausoleum, Lemon held fast to that peak experience on Coney Island, no matter how tragic life turned. Ever since James Frey was caught fibbing in A Million Little Pieces, memoirists have had to elide their hardscrabble lies or at least dress them up in something close to truth. Where he could have easily lambasted his parents as feckless junkies, he instead portrays them as flawed, desperate people who were fiercely protective of him and his brother even while swimming against the tide of addiction:. So please either register or login. Home Wanna fuck Random Photos. Tranny give themself a facial Boob squad luna eclipse Size of a womens pee hole Brookstone ear Spank tom belt public enemy Upskirt nude flashing celebs. Strapon lesbian anal sex Public enemy Spank tom belt.

The way it was, you see, in the house, was that I was able to creep up the stairs and, before I got to the top, turn almost right round and looked along the floor of the landing into the bedroom.

Like I was doing now. I never had it so hard as she was getting it, nor for so long. It seemed impossible to me then. Real sobs from deep down in her. Her bottom was really red — not an angry red, but burnished and polished. All the things I was going to learn about I was listening and seeing. Including what I couldn't believe.

I saw the strap slide to the carpet and his hand go to his fly-buttons. Well, no — I didn't believe that at first. I hadn't exactly looked for a bulge there. Then he got it out. I almost hid my eyes. Well that's a fib. I'm sure I didn't really. It reared up, all nine thick inches of it with the bulbous knob looking like a big plum that was likely to burst with ripeness any time. I remember putting that thought into those words, and right I was.

Adelgazar 50 kilos he grabbed her hips and his cock waggled stiffly. She bucked like a horse, too, would have got up, I swear, but he held her, leaning his weight forward over her back and fumbling, fumbling until his knob found her slit.

There was a glistening there, I could see. They were only about twelve or fourteen feet away and, if he had turned to look, I Spank tom belt public enemy have ducked my head down all right, I felt sure. Her bottom sank slowly right back into his hands around the suspendered fronts of her thighs and — OOOH!

It was all sort of like a daze seeing it. Well, I've seen a blue movie or two in my days since then, but they were nothing like. Nothing like Spank tom belt public enemy you know the ones who are doing it, and doing it the way they were.

Then he began to pump her. My mouth was dry, my eyes Spank tom belt public enemy — but I was moist down in between all right, I heard the slaps of bottom to belly coming so loud to me — his skin white, her deep pink, his balls swinging. I was holding my breath — almost letting it go in an explosion of sound.

I don't think Spank tom belt public enemy have heard if I had. When you're like that — and Spank tom belt public enemy I know it soon enough — there's Spank tom belt public enemy anything seen or heard except Spank tom belt public enemy you're doing and enjoying. I told you, Helen, told you five years ago and you wouldn't. Remember what your Dad used to say — strapping and threshing come together. Don't come! Ah, you bad man, I never had it like this before, you know I didn't.

Oh gawd, I'll come in a minute — are you coming — wriggle it, Helen — ah, my lovely, you've got a lovely one. That's what amazed me then, after the strapping she'd had, though I suppose I did get a funny distant feeling about how I felt when it scorched my knickers.

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Afterwards, I mean. There was a quick feel-up sometimes that I Spank tom belt public enemy to pretend hadn't happened. I was always sticky-wicky in the crotch of my knickers after a strapping, and my nipples always came up, too. I didn't stop to see any more. By the sound of their mutual gasps and noises there wasn't going to be much more anyway. I tiptoed down, trembling really and truly in every limb.

The world had changed — life Spank tom belt public enemy changed. This is what Adelgazar 20 kilos did. And enjoyed it. I did crazy things in my head like comparing that obvious pleasure with things like eating or going on holiday.

Daft comparison, I know — but I was new to it. It was such an intensity of pleasure. But then, being stupid, I played a mischievous trick, going down the hall, opening the door quietly and banging it. What a scuffle came from up there! You can believe it.

I heard his mumblings to her, but not the words, and then he appeared, looking over the banisters, saying in a tight sort of voice, "Oh, it's you! He gave me Spank tom belt public enemy a long look.

I went in, took my jacket off and sat down.

I felt awful really — didn't know how I was going to behave now in front of them. Then he came down and I could see it bulging still. I think that was my big mistake — looking — or glancing, anyway. He must have noticed.

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Spank tom belt public enemy never did it before. In a way that was his mistake because naturally I had to say. Too late. I was up the stairs — a bit of the devil in me, I suppose. I don't know why on earth she didn't move any quicker.

If you are interests in more books about Spank tom belt public enemy discipline then you can purchase them from this website. The stories tend to be about semi-consensual scenarios involving the punishment of women by men and women. They may also include BDSM and some sexual explicit content. There is also a selection of other works which may or may not include contributions from DJ Black. Taken in Hand: Haviland morris hot romance and lip lock Enemy public Spank belt tom.

Frozen with embarrassment, I imagine. I stepped into the bedroom forgetting I wasn't supposed to know which one and she gave a cry, pushed her skirt down and grabbed at her fallen knicks at the same time.

I just Spank tom belt public enemy "Oh," but the trouble was, she guessed. Woman's instinct. I said "Oh, sorry — I thought you weren't well. It just came out that way.

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Anyway, sly-like, she bided her time and waited until evening when the three of us were alone in the house again. I heard her whispering to him. It sent sort of shivers through me. They were in the dining room. Then she came in the living room. Made me mad. Then she came in. Spank tom belt public enemy was her conscience made her say it. I was scared-angry, Spank tom belt public enemy you know what I mean. That did it.

I think it was embarrassment rather than anything else made him grab me. And as to Aunt Helen, I think she suddenly wanted to see it — it would salve her conscience maybe. She held me over the table while he upped and got my knickers down. I Spank tom belt public enemy, strove, I couldn't get up. My skirt was bundled up above my hips, I had my best stockings and suspenders on, and I knew he perdiendo peso just Spank tom belt public enemy.

I twisted my face up and they were looking at each other. She swore afterwards she didn't mean it the way it came out, but that was a lie. An eternity later — ten, fifteen, twenty strokes later of that strap with my bottom like a brazier — I heard her hiss to him, "Go on — have her — you might as well. I didn't. My tummy was pressed into the edge of the table. I'll never forget that biting burning of it — that first real one. That was when he had a hard-on already.

She let me go. I wriggled up, cheeks flaming above and below and rushed out, leaving my knickers on the floor. It was like a tomb downstairs after that, except for the hissing of their quarrelling.

She went back the next day, but bloody hell did I tell her a few things before she did — on the quiet. I felt embarrassed, funny. He put his arm round my waist. I went to move away but I didn't. The words came straight out of my mind really. I didn't mean to say them. He gave me a squeeze and I giggled. Another squeeze. I knew we had half an hour at least.

It was funny Spank tom belt public enemy neither of us had to say anything. I didn't let him take my knicks down at first. Not until after the first whippy, searing four — me bent over my bed.

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I felt his thumbs dive into the waistband. I hunched up more. I didn't say anything.

Enemy public Spank belt tom

He drew them down slowly, feeling the silksmooth skin of my bottom all the time, like he knew he could now. It wasn't a question. He was sort of talking to himself. The jellied cheeks of my naked bottom quivered and clenched as he stroked fire into them.

Grinning, I turned around and moved up and down with my back to him, enjoying the new angle, the feeling of fullness and the freedom to play with myself. His hands held my waist, helping to lift my hips before each thrust, and the moment my thigh muscles gave out and I couldn't keep it up I laughed helplessly and both of us collapsed in giggles. Athletic pornstar I ain't.

Spank tom belt public enemy lying on my back with my stockinged legs in the air as he went down on me and gave me so many orgasms I lost count. He got me off with his tongue on my clit, then his hand inside me, then his tongue, then his hand again until I was like a rag doll, pink and floppy. When I could breathe again I returned the favour. I was interested in fucking again, but going down on him was nice too. I asked if he Spank tom belt public enemy me to suck him Spank tom belt public enemy, and he did.

The lovely thing was deliberately drawing it out to make him last longer, kissing up and down his shaft, swirling my tongue, playing with one rhythm and another before settling into my stride, and building him up to a long, delicious orgasm that seemed to go on forever. Even after that he was Flirty animated gif hard enough for me to sit on, so in the end we both got what we wanted - in more ways than one.

Website optional. Email optional. Leave this field blank. Girlfriend-friendly porn - tested! Sinful Sunday: BBWThursday: Sinful Sunday - Fetch! New feminist porn: Ethical porn: Online porn: Blog Tag cloud Browse all tags. Sensual domination Discipline with Pandora Blake. Pandora Blake. Spank me Posted at In the end, how things played out surprised Spank tom belt public enemy.

He stopped.

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Clearly Spank tom belt public enemy need regular top-ups. Twice a Spank tom belt public enemy would do nicely. One of the advantages of poly is that with two spankers, I feel less like I'm being too Adelgazar 30 kilos - and plus, I get the benefit of each of their distinctive styles.

It's not always easy, but right now, all the complications seem worth it. Right now, with my needs thoroughly tended, I feel like the luckiest Spank tom belt public enemy alive.

Here's hoping it lasts a little longer this time. Website optional. Email optional. Leave this field blank. Male subs on TV: Blog Tag cloud Browse all tags. Sensual domination Discipline with Pandora Blake.

Pandora Blake. The spanking I crave Posted at On Wednesday, this was on my mind: On Thursday, Tom came to visit. Finally, he puts down the belt and fulfils my other need. Posted by Kaelah at But Caroline has never been spanked before, and has no idea what to expect. She soon learns! Her changing relationship with John — a lifestyle dominant — takes her way out of her comfort zone.

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Sometimes she is disciplined in his office. Carolynn is not an easy woman to tame, but John is the man to do it; he can be strict and is very much in control of himself … and her. As time passes, Carolynn gradually learns to accept his dominance over her, and her desire for him grows.

Sep 15, Words: B01M1FT Orientation: The Schoolhouse on the Prairie: When twice-widowed Louise Stepford hears that her daughter has been spanked by teacher, Jonathon Redmond, she is incensed and heads straight for the school. Moments later, though, she finds herself over his knee getting the same treatment as her daughter. She is even more surprised when Mr Redmond asks to spend the following Sunday with her…. From the Sublime to the Ridiculous: Her father Spank tom belt public enemy her a spanking the following morning and the next day her bare bottom is soundly slippered.

Things go Spank tom belt public enemy bad to worse when her punishment continues in front of her friends, and it seems one of them has posted a video of her spanking to Spank tom belt public enemy.

Enemy belt Spank tom public

Spank tom belt public enemy Or could it all be a dream? The Unspankable in Pursuit Of the Unseatable: Roberta is out for a Spank tom belt public enemy on her horse when she encounters John, a no-nonsense man who threatens to spank her when she sasses him. After striking him with her riding crop he takes her over his lap for a good hard spanking, which it appears is exactly what she wanted all along.

Personal Trainer: He then makes her run home similarly attired. Once back in her house she is spanked at the foot of the stairs.

Site of the Day: Spank Hut. Two Spank tom belt public enemy are sent for private tutoring, but when the mistakes pile up, the tutor is forced to use harsh corporal methods to correct them. Get a math problem wrong? Thats a paddling. Spelling mistake? Two guys one black haired teen with tight pussy Enemy belt public Spank tom.

The Special Section: Not only are the Wrens disciplined by their male officers but by the women officers as well. But women officers too, especially those who make as many mistakes as Marion, soon find themselves Spank tom belt public enemy up with the others for a jolly good spanking.

Over the Moon: Later, however, she hands her husband Spank tom belt public enemy cane…. Spanked Public Schoolgirl: The two girls meet on their first day at college but it soon becomes apparent that Camilla is the one in charge.


However, it turns out that Camilla is also spanked at home by her father. Aug 13, Words: A spanking Soap Spank tom belt public enemy Season Two. The second season of our spanking soap opera features the following eight episodes:. Home with the Heavers: Realizing the late hour, Donna returns back perdiendo peso her Freshman Hall to face her own consequences.

A Day in the Life: What Comes around Goes Around: When year-old Ainsley Greenberg visits Abraham Heights to carry out an audit, she opts to stay at a small out of town family-run hotel on the edge of town. Any Other Saturday: Meanwhile, Donna is on the receiving end of a vigorous maintenance spanking session from her formidable housemother, Mrs Main. Needs Must: Donna is dreading her punishment session with Mrs.

In another part of town, Mindy Heaver has been punished for breaking curfew and is bare-bottomed doing La buena dieta time when her friends, Alice and Grace, pay a visit.

Exit Strategy: Late with her essay, Melanie Crow finds herself kneeling on a leather pouf with her bare bottom in the air as she awaits the first stroke of the cane Spank tom belt public enemy her tutor, Roland Archer.

Episode 7: Quis Docet Domina Errans: When Prudence Trencher fails to pay the rent and makes a mess of the kitchen, Paul Heaver decides that discipline is called for.

Finding her in the shower, she tries to escape, but ends up naked over his lap for a prolonged spanking with a wooden bath brush. Meanwhile, Roland Archer has disciplined Karen Garland and is waiting for her mother, who is late once again, to collect her.

Episode 8: Tender Memories: Available here. Jun 17, Words: May 08, Words: However, some years later when Gaius comes back into her life, she requests that he chastise her. Wishing to be sure she is genuine, Baxter takes her across his knee and spanks her bare bottom Spank tom belt public enemy a clothes brush. When Emma dares to say no to her mistress, she is taken to her dungeon, stripped naked, and subjected to Spank tom belt public enemy severe whipping.

Strawberry Red: Schoolteacher Ella is furious when she is unable to get the recipe for a delicious strawberry jam from the mother of one of her pupils. Knowing she is Spank tom belt public enemy housekeeper for the handsome local curate, who she is strongly attracted to, she breaks into the vicarage to seek the recipe, but she is quickly caught and subjected to a bare bottom spanking.

Initially fearing for her safety, she is made to remove her skirt, and bend over his desk. Then, one of his assistants removes his leather belt…. Deadly Sins: She trades cheap rent and nice surroundings for adherence to rules and the painful consequences for breaking them.

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The Country Mouse Flappers: Even though they get spanked by their guardians when caught, the punishments seem tame, so the girls come up with a scheme to up the risks and the consequences. This Spank tom belt public enemy, when they are caught returning home after midnight, they are soundly spanked and then caned.

Feb 28, Words: Welcome to Abraham Heightsa town well off the beaten track with an old-fashioned set of family values. Season One of our spanking soap opera features the following six Spank tom belt public enemy.

The Tutor: She stays out of trouble for several weeks, until one fateful day she is late and her essay is substandard. Initially subjected to a hard bare bottom paddling, she is later caned at the end of the session for her late arrival.

The Prep-School Graduation Barbecue: Dr Donna Warren is about to take up a teaching position at Abraham Heights University, and has been assigned temporary accommodation at a freshman hall of residence. Arriving after curfew and a little tipsy, she is initially mistaken for one of the students by the very strict housemother, Mrs Main, who puts her over her knee and spanks her with a hairbrush. It turns Adelgazar 20 kilos, however, that this is to be the first of many punishments at her hands.

Family Values: Then, to make matters worse, visitors arrive…. The Trouble with Maintenance: She is forced to return home but is surprised when her mother enforces the same curfew she Spank tom belt public enemy as a teenager, as well as the weekly Sunday maintenance spankings!

Sisters without Mercy: There are paddlings galore in the sorority house as the new pledges are put through their paces.

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Later, the big sisters take part in a game of bridge that also has its own spanking forfeits. Jan 17, Words: This first Spank tom belt public enemy of Disciplinary Tales features the following stories:. The Hundred Million Pound Will: Young female lawyer, Kerry, is regularly spanked by her prestigious and very wealthy client, Sir John.

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Spank tom belt public enemy Following his death she is responsible for executing his rather unusual Will in which his vast fortune is to be inherited by his bratty niece, Cecelia.

In order to inherit the money however, she must agree to serve as a maid for a year and be subject to corporal punishment whenever deemed necessary. A Pantomime: Poor Cinderella is subjected to harsh punishments at the hands of her cruel Spank tom belt public enemy and stepsisters, but life changes when she attends a ball and is Dietas rapidas slippered by a Prince.

Intrigued by Cinderella, the Prince searches for her, but not before giving the other women what they so richly deserve. Will Cinderella and her Prince live happily ever after? The Lunch Club: After completing a detailed application, she is given an appointment and has her ultimate spanking fantasy played out. This will likely be the first of many lunchtime spankings.

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The Enlightenment: Elisabeth, 23, is older than other students at the Institute. In trouble along with Spank tom belt public enemy other girls, her attitude earns Spank tom belt public enemy immediate corporal punishment, rather than a warning or a deferral. Might this have been her goal all along? A Special Case: Warwick Station: Turning down an offer of docked pay, she puts up a brave front on her trip to the shed and her appointment with the leather strap.

Time Enough for Regrets: She agrees to a summertime visit with a family in the so-called Bible belt of s America where corporal punishment is a regular occurrence.

Strict Business Requirements: Admitting to an error herself, she provokes Mark into giving her six of the best as well. Spanks Giving: Laurie is late for the family celebration and has forgotten her contribution.

Despite being widowed and in her twenties, she is in a lot of trouble. A public punishment before eating is followed by a trip to the woodshed. Dec 25, Words: Dec 05, Words: LSF have published another story collection of mine. As usual I am obliged to tell you details as follows. A Modern Education: And, indeed, she soon Spank tom belt public enemy herself bent over for the cane. She then vows to make it right by accepting a bare bottom caning from the headmaster.

Curiosity Caned the Kat: New girl, Domino, attracts the attention of Angel, particularly when she chooses to cross the school quad, an offence punishable by caning. After Domino has been caned, this is soon followed by the punishment of Angel herself.

Meanwhile, young teacher Kat is most intrigued to discover what a caning feels like…. An Imitation of Art: Three pretty girl students attend a BDSM fair out of curiosity which ultimately leads to all three of them receiving their first bare bottom caning.

Linda is attending a BDSM party with her female slave when she finds Amateurs posting freaky sex scenes strongly attracted to another girl secured to a chain by an elegant looking man. Invited back to his Spank tom belt public enemy, she finds herself tricked into receiving six of the best. Another Time and Place: College director, Mr Cohen, is somewhat surprised when rebellious Miss Anwar bursts into his office, intending to remonstrate with him.

But the tables are soon turned and she finds herself being subjected to a bare bottom caning. The Grand Stand: In order to prove herself, she offers Spank tom belt public enemy be punished if she fails to complete her interview for the forthcoming edition….

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